Saturday, July 01, 2006


Hi all, ok so I should clarify the comment about me being fitted for a dress...hahah Well it's actually a Bridesmaid Dress. My aunt Denise is getting married and I am her Maid of Honor...I had to clarify because I get many emails asking "What type of dress are we talking about?" Yes that's right, Always a Bridesmaid never a Bride, what can I say...I will post a pic once it's finished so show Inquiring minds...By the way HAPPY CANADA DAY to everyone...Gosh! Going to a London Majors game tonight and gonna watch the fireworks, Jodi and Dan are coming over for a beer and pre game munchies. BUT we're taking the healthier route this time, no Nachos and Wings, but instead a veggie, and cheese and craker tray. But I'm sure we'll have a few hotdogs at the game. Looking forward to seeing a game, been in London what almost 5 years and still haven't been able to see a game. Should be a good night! Have a good one!

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