Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hump Day, Half way there

Just a few more days and I'll be on my way...on my way out the doors of a palce where I have worked the past 10 years.  Well, actually started in another building, but ended it where I wanted to be.  London Life Assurance Company.  Great company.  I wouldn't have anything else to really say.  I enjoyed my time, I have made some amazing friends, worked with some awesome people, whom I will miss tremendously. 

It makes sad to say good bye.  I wonder why good byes are sad.  I know it's just a feeling, but when you leave something for something else, it should be a happy exciting time right.  I guess I am happy and excited, but the leaving part makes me feel sad.  We'll be back for visits for sure.  The visits will really special, lots of catching up to to show and pics to see.  You know when you work a 9-5 job, you tend to spend more time with your "Work" family than your own, so it's no wonder it's always hard to leave, always hard to say good bye. 

Time always makes one feel better right.  And I know as time goes on, all will be forgotten, the sadness that is, but the joy of being where I want to be with my family will take over the other feelings.  Thank god. 

It's a short post, but it was on my mind.  Happy Hump Day. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's coming to a sad end

Yup, it sure is.  My time here in London Ontario Canada is coming to an end.  And end of 10 years with the company, not the same job though, thank god...I've had the opportunity to move around a bit.  And I'm so glad I did, cause I'm ending my "stay" with a great bunch and a job I really do like, most of the time.

Hard to believe that I only have 7 more work days left.  I was thinking about it earlier this morning when I first got in and I felt slighty ill.  I'm a little ill from the unknown.  I know it'll pass though.  It's just the way I am.  When I'm not sure of change or I know I'm doing something I'm not sure of the outcome, I start to feel "ill".  Ill, is such an old word too.  Sick, nervous, scared, excited, freaking out.  There, those words are better.  Right?!

An new subject:  Took the girls, Delilah and Clarisse (as if you didn't know who the girls were) to get their 15 month needles.  Oh I just hate seeing them so upset.  They did do much better than I thought though.  One thing I did notice though, was when Clarisse was sitting on my friend Claudia (Thanks again Claud for your help) Delilah was watching her and saw how upset she was, and was quietly sobbing to herself.  It just absolutely broke my heart.   I never seen that before, it's like she felt her pain, felt her fear.  I never want to see that again, so I'm going to make sure for their next needles, we will make sure they are not looking at each other, or do one and take the other out of the room.  

I've decided that I have to start blogging more.  And after the move, and once we're all settled I will be blogging more as well.  I figure it's my way of sharing my life and family with my friends near and far.  Plus, I do like to "dump" my toughts from time to time.  My mind is constantly racing, too bad when I sit and decide to post something I can't remember anything I was thinking about earlier that day.  I should start carrying around a little notebook.  And jot down some thoughts or ideas for my next post.  Ya, maybe I'll do that.  Maybe.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Is it weird...

...that everytime I open the supply cabinet at work, I take a bit whif and enjoy the reminds me of elementary school.  The smell of new books, note pads and pencils.  Like seriously, I really love the smell.  Takes me back to grade 1, 2 or 3...when we would go school supplies shopping and then all my new gear would be neatly placed in my new back pack, and when I got to school and opened up the bag at my desk to pull out a brand spanking new coil note pad...oh the memories. 
The lady who sits on the other side of the wall said to me that she feels the exact same way...(she overheard me telling my colleagues that I felt this way) then she proceeded to say we were "Kindred Spirits".  I have heard that saying many times, but to be 100% honest with you, I never really knew exactly what it, I googled it...then came across this cool site.

Check it out....

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits are two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness. This connection can be from the same experience at the same time or two separate experiences similar in nature.
If two people were in a dramatic situation and had to depend on each other in order to get out of the situation or one having to help rescue the other, they would become bonded as kindred spirits. Oftentimes, a couple will meet that had both come from very bad past situations in a relationship; a bond is then reached because an understanding of what the other had been through where they feel no one else truly understands, through this the have become kindred spirits.

Now I know what it means...go figure. 

26 more sleeps until we leave London.
17 more sleeps until I leave my job that I have had for 10 years.
12 more sleeps until out little Hoop La at the Honest Lawyer
19 more sleeps until dinner with close friends

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Official

...I'm packing up my Twinsies and my Hubby and taken 'er East...moving home...where my heart is and always will be. 

It's funny, because I always knew one day I'd go retire maybe.  But then decided I want my girls to have the safe small town up bringing I had.  So that is what we're going to do...give them the best small town on the East Coast...the best to me of course!

We're young, why the Retired community as saying "Are you crazy"? Yup, maybe a little, and I love it...I love being crazy...I'm going to be crazy with my family...crazy with my friends...crazy on the beach...crazy at the parks...crazy on beautiful nature walks...crazy with backyard fires...crazy roasting marshmellows with my girls and seeing their beautiful smiles and the melody of their giggles and laughter...

Of course I can't say it's not bittersweet, as I depart a life, a life I've had for the past 12 years, in a beautiful city, I might add.  Depart some AMAZING lifelong friends I have made...depart some really wonderful colleagues...depart the birthplace of my daughters...bittersweet indeed.  But as they say, change is good...and a change is what we're getting.  And I can't wait...bring on the change. 
One thing is, I pray that there is a job for us...I know god works in mysterious ways, so I'm hoping he's working in my corner for this one.  All we want is a nice and easy transition. 

So here's hoping my crazy life gets a little more crazy...some east wind and the smell of beach and fries...and lots and lots of snow...!  Yes, that's right, bring on the SNOW!  My girls will love it...and I can't wait!

Home is where the heart is I guess and my heart and soul is in Dalhousie, New Brunswick.  Here's hoping I find both of those things...I hid them, over 15 years ago, and I'm going home to find them!

Monday, March 11, 2013

We're ONE, yes we are!

Can you say A-DO-RA-BLE?!  God, I love these kids.  Hard to believe their one already.  Where has the last year gone...
I know I have said I'd post more, but man, life has been BUSAY!  I'll get a good post on soon...I have some news!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Broken and Fixed

My poor sweet little Delilah broke her arm 2 weeks ago.  Well, a hairline fracture as the Dr. said in emerg, but broken to me.  She's such a trooper.  Really doesn't like people in her personal space, well, strangers that is.  But after the xray and being poked at, she still managed to smile.  Smiley Deloulou...god I love that kid.  And even in pain and with a little half cast, she still persevered.  Played, ran around and wanted to push herself up off the ground...but I managed to run over and help her.  I didn't want her to hurt it even more. 

Well, a whole 2 weeks has gone by and all looks good.  I took a day off Friday and took her to the specialist appointment, Pediatric Orthopedics to be more specific.  Got another xray and low and behold, all healed!  Thank god.  Bath time was beginining to be a real challenge.  And all she wanted to do is play...and we had to do a quick wash then rinse then out...try doing that and holding a small little arm with a tensor and trying not to get it wet...brutal!

I'm happy none the less, it's over and my little sweetie isn't in pain anymore, cause there is NOTHING worse than seeing your little one in pain.  I wanted to just die for her.  But she's better and that's all that matters right now. 

I've been trying to think of ways to make my blog more interesting to read.  I've been reading other blogs for ideas and creativity.  And you know what, I've come to realize that I just have to keep doing what I'm doing.  I mean, ya maybe my life isn't as crazy as some...and maybe it's crazier than others.  What I figured is that I need to blog more often, post more that's what I plan on doing. I hope. 

So today is Monday, I promise hope to blog at least 3 times this week.  And I'll have pics real soon of the girls.  We got some done this past weekend.  I got to see a sneak peak via Facebook through my photographer page, and they are SOOOO cute!  I can't wait to share!  Anyone looking in the London area to get photos done, Jana Burns Photography Service.  I highly recommend.  She's wonderful, patient and easy going, check her out.

Ok, I better get to work.  I'm a slack this morning.  Maybe I'm a slacker every morning.  Maybe.