Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Is it weird...

...that everytime I open the supply cabinet at work, I take a bit whif and enjoy the reminds me of elementary school.  The smell of new books, note pads and pencils.  Like seriously, I really love the smell.  Takes me back to grade 1, 2 or 3...when we would go school supplies shopping and then all my new gear would be neatly placed in my new back pack, and when I got to school and opened up the bag at my desk to pull out a brand spanking new coil note pad...oh the memories. 
The lady who sits on the other side of the wall said to me that she feels the exact same way...(she overheard me telling my colleagues that I felt this way) then she proceeded to say we were "Kindred Spirits".  I have heard that saying many times, but to be 100% honest with you, I never really knew exactly what it, I googled it...then came across this cool site.

Check it out....

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits are two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness. This connection can be from the same experience at the same time or two separate experiences similar in nature.
If two people were in a dramatic situation and had to depend on each other in order to get out of the situation or one having to help rescue the other, they would become bonded as kindred spirits. Oftentimes, a couple will meet that had both come from very bad past situations in a relationship; a bond is then reached because an understanding of what the other had been through where they feel no one else truly understands, through this the have become kindred spirits.

Now I know what it means...go figure. 

26 more sleeps until we leave London.
17 more sleeps until I leave my job that I have had for 10 years.
12 more sleeps until out little Hoop La at the Honest Lawyer
19 more sleeps until dinner with close friends

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