Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's coming to a sad end

Yup, it sure is.  My time here in London Ontario Canada is coming to an end.  And end of 10 years with the company, not the same job though, thank god...I've had the opportunity to move around a bit.  And I'm so glad I did, cause I'm ending my "stay" with a great bunch and a job I really do like, most of the time.

Hard to believe that I only have 7 more work days left.  I was thinking about it earlier this morning when I first got in and I felt slighty ill.  I'm a little ill from the unknown.  I know it'll pass though.  It's just the way I am.  When I'm not sure of change or I know I'm doing something I'm not sure of the outcome, I start to feel "ill".  Ill, is such an old word too.  Sick, nervous, scared, excited, freaking out.  There, those words are better.  Right?!

An new subject:  Took the girls, Delilah and Clarisse (as if you didn't know who the girls were) to get their 15 month needles.  Oh I just hate seeing them so upset.  They did do much better than I thought though.  One thing I did notice though, was when Clarisse was sitting on my friend Claudia (Thanks again Claud for your help) Delilah was watching her and saw how upset she was, and was quietly sobbing to herself.  It just absolutely broke my heart.   I never seen that before, it's like she felt her pain, felt her fear.  I never want to see that again, so I'm going to make sure for their next needles, we will make sure they are not looking at each other, or do one and take the other out of the room.  

I've decided that I have to start blogging more.  And after the move, and once we're all settled I will be blogging more as well.  I figure it's my way of sharing my life and family with my friends near and far.  Plus, I do like to "dump" my toughts from time to time.  My mind is constantly racing, too bad when I sit and decide to post something I can't remember anything I was thinking about earlier that day.  I should start carrying around a little notebook.  And jot down some thoughts or ideas for my next post.  Ya, maybe I'll do that.  Maybe.

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