Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh my god, 2 more sleeps!

Hi guys, sorry haven't posted in a bit. Been busy! But I am sooooo excited because I will be home in 2 more sleeps and I can't wait. I'll be flying into Moncton, at 4pm on Wednesday the 12th. Tubber will be picking me up, and we will be also waiting for Wes to drop him off in the 'Chi...I hope it's nice out. Had a great weekend! Went out with Mel, Carol, Suzanne and a few of her friends, and 2 Fellow Crazy East coasters! hahah But their not from HALI-fax..hahah Love ya guys! Ok that's all she wrote for today...
2 MORE SLEEPS...I'm nervous! lol

1 comment:

Arrah-Lee said...

Don't be nervous!! JUMPIN's!!

Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!