Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday already!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday October 18th. Where the hell does the time go. I remember as a kid all the adults would say how time flies, and us as kids were like Ya right! The famous lines were: "I'm bored" "There's nothing to do" And now I know exactly what they meant. I am now an adult, not a Grown up though, let's make that clear. And I completely understand now the statement "Time Flies". Where does the time go really. It goes to no mans land I think. Life is so short, the weeks are seconds...Kinna scary really when you think about it. I guess the key is try not to think about it, just do your thing and get though each day with a little sanity left at the end and you've managed to stay afloat. That's our goals right? To get through the days without sinking, just staying afloat!
The weekend just flew by too. Was suppose to have a visitor...Wade! But I guess I got stood up, no call or anything. Surprise Surprise! A little hurtful because I was soooo excited to see him, but oh well I'm used to not getting visitors from home.
Well that's all for me for today! No baby yet for the Lee's...but hopefully soon! I predict, within the next 2 days there will be an addition to Amy and Landons family! Good luck guys, can't wait to hear the news! I wonder how Stella will react..hmmm?

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Arrah-Lee said...

nice look....

miss ya..

call us tomorrow!