Thursday, November 02, 2006 more sleep!

Oh gawd this week has been draggin'! But it's finally here tomorrow! Amy and Baby Hudson are doing well, which is sooo nice to know. And he is just the cutest little thing...little rosy cheeks, I just want to eat him Figure of speach of course! lol Satu was suppose to come visit Friday but is unable to make it this weekend, but soon enough though. Got an email from Paulette a few days ago, man was it even nice to hear from her! It's been too long! She sent some pics of the kids, and they are so precious! Sounds like her and Jeff are doing so well, which is so nice hear! I love hearing about friends who are doing well and are happy, makes me feel great. Halloween has come and gone too...time is sure flying! Christmas is just around the corner! Wow...Friday night work at the Mall, Saturday morning going to Trails End, then around noon heading to Niagara Falls for the night. A fun night of drinkin' and games at Boston Pizza..should be a blast! We're going with the Shymaskis and Joanne and I imagine it's gonna be a dirty night...2 Shymanskis! Yikes...Marty and I are getting the Old picture done this time, so I'll be sure to post it next week! Well I should head out, we're going to Mike Austins art exhibit at the ArtsProject downtown London, should be interesting! Take Care and Good night!

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