Monday, February 26, 2007

The Weekend was Wonderful..!

Howdy all...well it's Monday, hip hip horray, ya right! Marty and I were in Barrie this weekend, which was great! Traffic was a bit challengin on our way there Friday night, but we made it...and had a wonderful visit with the Lees like always! Thanks guys! And FINALLY got to meet the new man of the house! Oh my god what a gem...Big Baby boy...We love him...heheh I have some pics and was testing out the new cam as enjoy and we'll see ya soon! Thanks again guys, can't wait for our next visit, I think we'll wait for the snow to be gone this time...!


Arrah-Lee said...

Too friggen cute!!! He's adorable!! nice clear pics Tanya!

Myah-Jayne said...

That is so awesome that you guys are so close that you can make weekends out of it....even more awsome that you actually do it....I can only imagine how much fun it must have been.....
take care

heidi&keith said...

Great Pics Tanya! I must say you look great!! Thanks for the card for Michaela. I was so surprised and pleased to receive it. I cant wait for you to meet Ms Michaela at the reunion. I was just telling Keith how excited I am for the reunion today. We had a nice family day today as Keith normally works 6 days a week.
Oh and I must say how envious of your approaching trip to
Cuba!! I would love to go south however Keith has no desire to spend days on the beach.

Keep adding to your is my entertainment on these cold and windy days in NS