Thursday, March 08, 2007

Only 9 more SLEEPS people!

OMG! 9 more days and I'll be laying on the Sunny breach of Santa Lucia, Camanguey Cuba. Oh man...some well deserved R&R that's fo sho! I have started tanning so I don't burn to a crisp the first 3 days and have to sit in the shade most of the week. Lots of comments on how my color is showing already! Wooohoooo! I'm gonna come back blacker than black for sure...Oh my, get me outta here. Sorry for the delay in posting, much exciting to say these days...! Here are a few shots of my boy...One in October with his Baseball Jersey, and a few recent shots....Enjoy!


Arrah-Lee said...

9 more sleeps eh..8 now right? Awesome! your giong to have sooo much fun!

Oh look at Shadow! The crazy kitty!! Friggen baseball jersey, you fools!

Myah-Jayne said...

Nice pussy.!!!

heidi&keith said...

Do you have many more outfits for your cat? I would love to see him in a rain suit!! You are too funny