Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things change, people change, feelings change...

I'm done worrying about everyone else...time to focus on me. Taking more time for me, me, me, me!
What the hell right! Why not? That's the way it should they say. Who? Everyone.

-Is it just me who thinks that? Probably not. If everyone else did then the world would be a more complicated place to be.

-But it's not. You do your thing, the best way you could. If it doesn't work out, if you fail at one thing, then you try something else. Failing sucks though eh! No one likes that feeling, you know the angry, why didn't it work out feeling. It goes away though...really it does. I think what happens, another feeling comes and you forget about the original one, then sometimes later on, it comes back to haunt you.

-It's a cycle. New ones, old ones...whatever though. We all go through it. Just wash it all down with a nice cold beer or something.

I added a few other Blogs I like to the list. The media is a little obsessed with Rosie Blog these days, so I had to check it out. Fuckin' celebrities eh. Get over yourselves that's what I say. But I still added it to my blog...I'm just as bad I guess. That's what they want...ah well it's entertaining!

It's Friday, I'm tired now. Night

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