Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

It only comes around every few far it's been a lucky day for me.

This morning I checked my 649 tickets, and on one I won $5, and the other was a FREE ticket! Yay! I hope this winning streak continues to Million! Only time will tell.

This weekend we are going to Hamilton to a TiCats Game. Pretty excited...we did go last year and had alot of fun. They're playing the Montreal Alouettes, the same team we saw them play last year.

We're staying at Karen and Jeffs place this year instead of a hotel...thanks guys! I'll post pics after the weekend, stay tuned.

Had an eye exam today after work...lucky me, he puts these drop in your eyes that completely fucks up your vision 30 minutes later...god they almost blinded me. It's better now...I did go to 3 for 1 Optical to look for some new specs, but Marty is so impatient, so I will return in the morning to choose the ones I liked best.

So got some housework to do tonight, such as dishes, vaccum, and sweep...then it's all relaxing' and of course I have to give Shadow some lovin' because he'll be alone all night...but he'll be fine...

Well that's it for now, Ta Ta!

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