Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank god, surgery went well!

All went well today...I wanted to post a quickie! His surgery was at 1pm, I got to see him in recovery at around 415pm, then again at 6pm. He is still in recovery and will be there until about 8pm when his bed will be ready for him. He will be spending the night tonight for sure then we'll see about tomorrow. He was a bit groggy, but he said he could eat an extra large pizza from Pizza Hut right about now so that when I knew he would be ok! lol Graph on the inside of his legs were done, then they only had to remove one finger, the black one. The others were skin graphed as well. So that's good news! So far so good...he's got the morphine button tightly gripped...lucky guy! lol But that's all she wrote for now...Stay tuned!


Michalis said...

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Arrah-Lee said...

Glad to hear that things went well! Hopefully recovery will be just as good!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that he's doing well. I am always thinking about you guys! Give us a call when things slow down a little.