Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowee to all!

Happy Halloween from me and Shadow Cat...Twin Bad Kats! haha We went to the Mabees tonight to hand out Treats for the Trick or Treaters! So much fun...I love seeing the kids and how excited they get for candies, and to see them all dressed up. I was made fun of a few times by Marty and Jodi, I was more excited then most of the kids...but I love it, what can I say...I don't care who makes fun of me.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe night! 16 more sleeps and I'll be home sweet home!
Can't wait!

Nighty Night, don't let the Halloween Bed bugs bite...!

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Margaret Pictou said...

Hey now! Of course I read your blog -- there were just some pretty graphic things on there. I'd read about it and then scroll down and ask Saeed ( my boyfriend) when I couldn't see the photo's anymore. I hope everything is as best as it can be with Marty.

Sounds like your doing well in your new place -- would love for you to come and visit in England -- at least you know you have a free place to hang out for a while.