Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can things get anymore INSANE....!

Been packing and taking carloads of stuff over to the new place...the past few days have been a worldwind...more details to come, please stay tuned! We have soooo much stuff, I've been purging, but comon' I can't through everything away, colise! We'll just have to store a few more things at Martys dads place.

We got engagement pics done the other day. They turned out nice, kinna funny...nothing fancy, but what we could afford. I'll post once I get my scanner up and running...their not on disk unfortunately.

Just wanted to post a little update...I'm tired, and we have still more to bring over tomorrow, and it's Football Sunday...we're gonna try and get lots done in the morning so we can enjoy a game or 2...we'll see. Hopefully KC will be on TV...if not KC at least the Patriots for Mike...

Well that's all she wrote folks...I'll have some MUST SEE pics soon...You won't wanna miss these.


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Arrah-Lee said...

Can't wait to see the Must See pics soon, or have I already?? Your on your way home at the end of this week! Whohoo! Can't wait to see you guys!!