Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow how time does flllyyyyyyy....

yup, the week has come and gone...but it was a good one. Needed a few more days like usual, but got mostly everything done, and saw mostly everyone. Arrah's Shower went very well, she was very please...thank you everyone! She scored lots o goodies too! Had dinner pretty much every night with Family, which was great! I do have a great family, and love being around everyone. Thank you Gisele for giving us your bed, it's soooo comfortable...We miss Misty...she was fun, little bugger! lol Got to see my little nephew, pictures below...ah what a doll.
So ya it was good...the drive there wasn't bad but the drive back was a bit long, and the weather in NB and QC was crappy...we did see 6 Moose in Kedgwick...completely freaked us out...but it was alright. So it was a great week overall...glad we made the trip out...Got my fill with Dalhousie for the next year...Not much to do, too bad though.
Well that's my update for today...I'll post pics soon...We're moving into the new apartment tomorrow...Can't wait. Should have some pics posted in the next few days...

Our New Address: 5-40 Becher St. London, ON N6C 1A5

Stay tuned...!

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heidi&keith said...

'hey there glad to hear you were able to visit NB. take care of you and marty and hopefully we will meet up in Summer -08 perhaps Keith and I will have another bun in the oven....aka fat belly