Saturday, May 24, 2008

I got the JOB!!

I bet your wondering what I'm talking about...I have a job right...Yes I do, but I decided to post one day because I got an email from a former co-worker telling me they were hiring in his department. I had to really think about it...but realized I was Soooo ready to leave Call Center life behind me...can you believe I have been working in the Call Center industry 8 Years! GCCS is call center #4 for me and I knew it was deffenitely time to pack it up! I absolutely love the people I work with! So that's the hardest thing for me...not the actual job, the people!
I will be moving over to London Life Head Office which is very exciting! I can't wait to start new...I'm so ready for a chance and I am glad I made the decision to post out! New Begginins! I will be in Death Claims...sounds scary eh! lol Not really...more exciting I think! From Group Benefits to Death Claims...what a difference! I just can't wait! Thank you for everyones support and kind words! I will miss my GCCS Team!


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