Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nothing exciting...

I haven't posted in a while. Not too much really to report. Been busy with work and playing ball. Weekends seem to be flying by, like usual. We've been going to Trails End on Saturday mornings to get out Fresh produce for the week. We also have been to St. Jacobs with Jodi and Sharon a few weeks ago, not that's a Farmers Market, wow! Was on Vacation the first week of July, which was nice. Didn't do much...just hung out. Eileen and Brad were in London, bringing Angel to see them when they were here. And I guess the next big exciting even is Jeff and LeeAnns wedding coming up on September 6. Jodi, Sandra and myself are going to her Shower on August 2nd. Very exciting...can't wait!
Besides all that Jazz...not too much. Have another week off in September, this time with Marty. We will be going to Niagara Falls for a night or two. And maybe a few more day trips to the beach...can't wait!
That's it for today...

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