Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's been some time....

So I'm trying to create a nice playlist for my blog. I can't seem to add songs to it though. so if anyone actually reads my blog, and knows how to get a list going, please comment and let me know.
Nothing really going on right now. Just working away...still loving my job. Angel turns 1 on Nov 7th...God time flies! I'm getting married in just over 10 mths...OMG! That statement freaks me out...!
I wanted to post to let everyone know I'm still alive! Oh Ya....CONGRADS to Mark and Stacey Vautour...They're having a baby!!! Such great news! Enjoy every moment! xox Love you guys!

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Amanda Barber said...

T-DOT!! click on the playlist on my blog - create an account - add your music. when ready, there is a spot to add to facebook, myspace - whatever - choose the last option (something like blog or personal website) then highlight and copy the generate (i think) code. then go to shcnage your layout - add the box, then paste the code you copied! voila!