Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 more sleeps!

Yes that's how many more sleeps I have until the big day...hard to believe that 24 months has already gone by. I remember my post announcing our Engagement, and now we only have 11 more days!
This week has been quit hectic, trying to prepare and get ready to hit the road. We have list after list after list...I think we're in good shape so far though. Things are flowing well, I just hope we don't forget anything...
All of our travellers are getting VERY excited for an East Coast vacation...and we are just as excited to have them! It's going to be an emotional week...but a very fun week! We have tons of stuff to do, and lots of visiting as well.
I wanted to post because I have no idea when I will next....
Stay tuned...!
xoxo Thank you to all who have supported Marty and I over the past 7 years, we love you!

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