Friday, October 09, 2009

It's a long weekend...

....and I'm so happy! This week has gone by quit quickly actually. I find once Wednesday hits, the rest of the week seems to fly.
My weekend will consist of laundry, groceries, clean our place, change our furniture around...I've been saying how I needed a change..I know I know, I just got married, that should be change enough, but really we haven't changed all that much really...we love each other just as much now as we did before, hell that's why we tied the knot! lol So I'm thinking maybe changing the furniture around a bit might satisfy my need for change for a little bit anyway, I guess we'll see.
Also another VERY excited event for the weekend, is of course...TURKEY dinner with the Mabees, and Armstrongs...I love Turkey dinner, and with friends just completes the Excitement! I could almost taste the Turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy...and I could almost feel the treadmill on Monday evening when I have my next session with my personal trainer Rick...remind me again why I agreed to Monday night at 8pm! Ahhhhh!!

Oh well, there is a price for everything, even Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...Have a Safe and Happy Weekend!

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