Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi! I haven't actually posted for no particular reason in a while, so I thought I would do just that. Time is come and gone...being already November 10th. I used to find that when time flew by it was somewhat scary, but now I realize that that is just what happens. It's what you do with your time that truly makes it pass quickly or not.
I had a little bit of a scare Sunday late, early morning Monday. I was on my PC and felt that I had a pain in my upper back that was somewhat working it's way to my chest strangely enough. About 10pm, I went to bed thinking I might feel better if I just layed down. Eventually I did fall asleep, but tossed and turned most of the time. At 11:40pm, I woke myself up gasping for air...and with a severe chest pain. Yes, very out of bed, thinking possibly just severe heartburn or indigestion. Had a glass of water and some Pepto Bimol. Walked around the apartment for a bit, hoping that this pain would subside. Of course after an hour, with it only getting worse, and my husband by this point was getting a bit worries. I wasn't really sure on what to do? Do I go to the Emerg, with all this H1N1 stuff going on, will it be full of sick, coughing people...that just made me sick to think of it...but it was I thought I'd better do just to be safe, and not to have some kind of heartattack at home.
So indeed we went in, and low and behold Not one person in the waiting room, could this be!?! (for reference, I went to the Victoria Hospital in London) So luckily for me got straight in, waiting about 10 mins to see the Dr, Dr. Murphy it was, and he was such a nice Dr. Thank you Dr. Murphy! Kind and soft spoken, made me feel so comfortable. Ordered an EKG, Chest exrays and blood that all done, in about 20 minutes or so. Yup...20 minutes. After that I did have to wait on the results...wich thank god were negative. My blood pressure was a bit high, but I think due to the fact that I was a bit pannicked...
Dr. Murphy seems to think it might have just been my muscles between my ribcage spasming...not sure why, but who knows! I wasn't having at heart attack, that's all I cared about!
So was in and out in exactly 2 hours, not bad eh!

My days have been pretty low key these past few weeks. I'm totally fine with that though. There are a millions things I could be doing anyway. Our weekds usually consist of; Friday night groceries, pretty exciting eh! lol Saturday morning, laundry. Then after that we just play it by can be difficult at times not knowing what to do, considering everything cost money. But we manage to find something to all works out.

I plan on taking life by the balls from now on...not that I didn't before...but turning 30 in less than a month, is starting make me feel as though I'm missing something. Not sure what...but when I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know!

That's all I have in the attic right now...I'll write again soon!

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