Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art can be interesting

Claudia and I attended a former co-workers Art Opening last night at Museum London.  We've been to another show of his.  I really enjoyed this one alot.  It was called "Heave and Hell" by Aidan Urquhart.  We weren't sure what type of Art it actually was, so Claudia Googled him and it looks as though he refers himself to an Art Terrorist.  Cute...I'll tell ya he's far from an actual terrorist...but to be an Art Terrorist, I can totally see it!  He's a very talented individual, and his peices are beautiful...his creativity drawns you right in.  It's almost as though it's a game...and you're the player...
I thoroughly enjoyed it, and want to thank Aidan and Wendy for the invitation! Congrads Aidan, and keep the wheels turning! Can't wait for the next show...

Check it out:


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