Monday, February 01, 2010

Day 1, Complete!

What a great day today was.  I think this new position is going to suit me just fine.  It's great that I already know alot of the system, since I used it in Death Claims.  I don't feel the pressure of starting a new job as I would normally.  I like my new cube/office alot.  It's in a really nice area, and quiet.  Well, quieter than what I'm used to. So overall, the went well...I'm very happy in my new position.  Now ask me in a few months...I hope I feel the same way...I'm sure I will.

My new neighbors seem to be great as well.  Lots of friendly faces and good welcome greetings!

I'm excited.  Hope Day 2 is just as good.

Thanks for listening.

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asian girl said...

and I hope so for you. I hope you always get a good job and position like you want.