Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking a little break

I'm at work, and thought I'd take a little break to post. 

I've been listening to the radio, same station I always listen to, Fresh FM ( and they are playing a ton of Michael Jackson songs.  Turns out today is the 1 Year Anniversary of MJ's death.  Wow...1 year already!  Seems like it was just yesterday...I mean I am fan, being a kid of the 80's, but to be honest, whatever.  His publicity was always pretty contraversial...and some of the things he did, well, to be honest, I'm not interested!  BUT his music is a different can't help but I'm thoroughly enjoying the Tribute this afternoon!

Leaving at 3:30pm today.  We're heading to Barrie to visit Amy, Landon, Hudson and Delaney!! We finally get to meet Delaney...I have seen some photos, and she's a cutie, just like her big brother! 

So I am counting downt the's 1:50pm, 1 hour 40 mins to go!  Ok, so I should get back to work...

Starting Monday, I'm starting a 8 week running program, Erin is suppose to be on board with me!  I am doing this, with or without anyone else!  No holds barred!

Have a good weekend all! 

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