Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm home...and it's hot!

Howdy...well it's Monday, and I am visiting with Sam and Mark today. Spent the night with Arrah and Wes last night, had pizza for dinner and chilled out. Miramichi is the same as I remember, but it's sooooo hot here. Thank god Arrah, and Sam both have A/C. Going home to Dalhousie tomorrow on the bus..yay for me! The gas prices are insane...112.9 and higher, crazy! I would have drove the truck but shit it would have cost me $50 to get to and from, Ya bullshit...I'll take the bus for $25. Anyway just wanted to post...Oh ya saw Amy yesterday, oh my god what cute! She's got a belly, but still looks fantastic! Love ya girl...Well gotta jet, Sam and I are gonna have a nice quiet night tonight, maybe drink a bottle of wine! Yum!


pmalla said...

hey tanya,

You think gas prices are bad. Its like 119.99 here. It costed me 50 bucks to fill up my car and I only have a tiny car. I'm terrified how much its going to cost us to take the pathfinder across the island in Aug.



Arrah-Lee said...

So glad to see you this past weekend. It was a nice, yet busy, yet relaxing weekend. See you on Saturday for a bit! :o)

Miss ya already! ;o)