Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahhh gotta love long weekends..

I love long! Did absolutely nothing exciting this weekend...well we did go to Jill's first birthday party at John and Robins place in Brampton. Finally got to see there new house as well, very nice! I'll post some pics once they send us some...stupid me, forgot my camera, not too sure how that happened. Went for a walk tonight with Claudia, what a nice night for a walk too, even better that we walked in Whortley Village...! Nothing really exciting to report, just wanted to post! Have a good one!
I see you!


Arrah-Lee said...

Coolio! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

Like the pic of your eyes..pretty neat..check my blog out, I'm going to post a pic or two of Kadence from Saturday! Cutee Petuttee!!

Arrah-Lee said...

update your blog freak!! hahaha.