Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Got some visitors...!

Hi yo! Been a while since I posted...sorry. Been busy, and on top of that got some visitors. My dad, Marlene and Max are visiting. Been fun, and on the go. Unfortunately no days off but what can ya do! Went to the Delaware Speedway to watch a race...Pretty fun night, something different for once. Today they went to Canadas Wonderland, and tomorrow they are leaving to go spend a night in Niagara Falls. So far they've had a good time, so they say. Not too too much room in our apartment, but we've been dealing. Just wanted to post a Hello, and some pics of the race night. More to follow. Ciao!


Arrah-Lee said...

theres no pics of the race!?!!?!??!!?!?!? hahaha

toocoolforyou said...

You look like my ass when I shave it.

Love Landon

P.S. You know I'm cool, Beeootch..!!