Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh what a week...

Well to begin..we had some car troubles on Monday. Marty was on his way to and from work and the Black Cherry stalled on him 4 times. So ya you could imagine how pissed he was. Callled Saturn to let them know, made an apppointment for Wednesday because that's when they could take us. Fine! So same shit happened on Tuesday so I called Saturn and TOLD them we were bringing it in in the morning as apposed to our scheduled appointment at 5pm. Good thing Marty had the day off. So they had it for the day, checked it all out and found nothing. Maybe a wire or the computer. Keep in mind people thi car isn't even a year old. So I am soooo pissed by now. So Wed we pick her up, everything fine. Wake up Thursday to get a ride to work with Marty, and ya guess what, she stalls, Colborne and Queens, busiest fucking intersection @ 730am. Ohhhh man..people are like come on...what can you do? Stuck in the middle of traffic...absolutely NO power, can't even put our 4 ways on! Ok so we wait about 30 seconds and try to start it up starts, thank god. Drive it to the parking lot of the apartment building across the street...ffeeuufff! Call Road Side's ok. Try to call my boss to say I will be a few minutes late...ya no, Phone dies...! Oh my minutes left! Why me. Thank god Dan was available to give Marty a ride to work...and yes of course I wait for a hour for Road side assistance. Get a lift with Waltz Towing to Saturn! hahaha So I leave the car there and take a Sweet loaner....Saturn Vue, fully loaded, DVD player and all. Can't keep it though, I threaten them! haha So our beast is still at Saturn we'll be picking her up in the Morning...They say they found the problem, and fixed it. We'll see in the morning...So on top of all that drama...Our new bedroom set in coming tomorrow...I'm super excited, finally matching furniture..! I LOVE it! See set below, we opted out on the Armoire. But got the rest of it with 2 night stands. Well that was my week ya'll! What do you think....! I think I'm due for a drunk! ~Big Sigh~ Have a good night, That's all she wrote! Kiss Kiss T

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