Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here are the results....Beware Graphic....

Well what's done is done...Surgery went well...Here are a few pics on after. Legs were graphed, all the nurses were saying how much of a great job Dr. Scilley did, I wouldn't want to see the bad job then, what do I know. Only half of the middle finger was taken off, and the other was graphed on the side, and the tip of another. Kinna graphic and the photos are VERY clear...Beware! There is also a shot of the donor site, where the skin was removed...super red, but it's healing very well.


Arrah-Lee said...

Ouchy ouchy ouchy,, that's gotta be somewhat painful!! Gus isn't looking too bad, I thought they would have taken more off. Not bad at all. Is there a graph on the first picture?

Glad to hear your doing well Marty! We're definately thinking of you!

Jillian said...

Wow...that looks great!! always remember when it comes to wound is is is worse!! Ok, I still don't know what happened though...Tell Marty we said to heal soon J,S,M&G.