Thursday, September 27, 2007

To move, or not to move....

....that is the question...? We were thinking of blowing this popsicle stand...we want a change, and besides the neighborhood isnt' getting any better. I want to strangle the kids who run up and down the hall...Grrrr...! So I'm on the look out...We need something comparable in price and walking distance to downtown. Also must have a free parking space for 1 car for sure, but another for guest. Sooo...? We'll see what happens in the next few days/weeks.
Besides all that Jazz not much is new...pretty boring. Tomorrow night Marty, Claudia and I are going to a friend Art opening here in London, very much looking forward to that...I've never been so it should be interesting. He is very talented, can't wait!
Well I must hit the hay...need my beauty sleep!

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Arrah-Lee said...

Thinking of moving eh..have you checked the paper or online? may find something there...

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Talk sometime throughout it I'm sure!