Friday, January 11, 2008

Is it already January 11th?

Nothing too excting to report really. We waiting for the guy to come and repair the ceiling in our living room tonight, but surprise surprise he was a no show! So we took off to do a few groceries. Came home, made a pot of coffee and Claudia came over for a visit. We sat around and chatted, and watched a few clips of JackAss on CityTV. That movie is retarded! Now just browsing the net...Looks like Nicole Ritchie had her baby...A girl! And I believe Christine Aguilera had a Boy. Tomorrow we're going to Trails End for our Fresh Veg for the week...and I'm gonna make Cupcakes for Erins Baby Shower on Sunday. Should be fun...yay! I haven't seen the little one in a bit...And then in 2 weeks it's Jodis Baby fun!
We had dinner at Jodis the other night, 'cause January was in town! She's about to have little Adrian pretty much any are a few pics of was a Hilton Girls Reunion! Was so nice to see the girls...Miss you all! *muah*

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