Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What the hell is going on!?!?

It's like 360...Last week, and weekend was so beautiful and then today, what a shocker! It's absolutely freezing out! Insane I tell ya!
Nothing else really new at this point. Just got off work...making hotdogs for dinner...I know I know, pretty fancy! I like what!

Tomorrow is already Wednesday...It's good though. I work at the mall tomorrow night...I hope it's a steady night. Time goes by faster...not sure why I would want it to go fast...'cause seems like we're always saying time flies, it's goes by too fast, but then when we don't really want to do something, we say hope it goes by quick. Weird!

Tonight gonna go by Joe and Davies'...There getting married on June 7th, an outdoor wedding and I will help to decorate. Right up my alley...I'm so wedding obsessed! I love everything about much fun! So I'll go check out the venue and Davie and I will brainstorm some ideas on how to decorate and such. Should be fun!

Well I should go finish my Marty should be home soon...

Ta Ta for now...

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