Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am here

Hi! Just a quick post to say Yo! Nothing to exciting to post really. Work is going good...Oh actually some new news...I have given my resignation at the part time job will be no longer as of Saturday May 17th. I really did like it alot, but I'm needing some time for me.
One thing...I have joined a softball 2 last night, and we lost...Royally! But it was good time...I can tell I am sore!!! I screwed up my knee in our first game, and also my grion...I think I'll get used to it, I hope! lol But besides that...Rhys is 1 month old today...Happy One Month little guy! He is growing like mad...Marty and I stopped by on Sunday to say Hi and he was awake and alert, it was so nice to see, rather than him being the sleepy head that he normally is. Very fun!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom out there, New and Old! I know I little late!

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