Thursday, February 12, 2009

I know, it's been forever...

Well I a new year is here. It's almost Valentines Day...time is passing and I can't see it go by, it's going that fast. In no time we'll be packing the car up and heading out East to get married.
Things are well. I just finished making mini cupcakes for tomorrow to bring to work as a treat. I work with great people, and i think we all deserve a treat once in a while. lol
I don't really have too much to report these days. Work is good, busy as hell, but still good none the less. Oliver is settling in well...our Cat...he gets crazy sometimes though...kinna reminds me of Shadow sometimes...I miss him.
Well I wanted to post something 'cause it's been awhile. My watch just beeped midnight, so I really should be off to bed.
I'll write again soon, promise.

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