Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I can't wait any longer...

The wedding is right around the corner! It's getting so exciting..I'll be home in 17 more sleeps...oh my gosh...just nuts. We're a little annoyed these days though. We are still missing quite a few RSVPs to date. It's very annoying, and wouldn't think that people would be that disrespectful. Like we are holding a place for you at our special day, and you can't even send in the RSVP, how annoying! But anyway...

My first Shower is this weekend, Saturday! Can't wait...kinna nervous though. I'm the one who usually plans these kind of things, but when it's for you, it's just different. I am so happy, but a little overwhelmed. Should be a good time though. Thank you to Erin, Jodi, Carol and Shelley!

I'll post pics soon!

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