Friday, July 24, 2009


-Word of mouth than no word at all right?

I'm happy it's Friday. Tonight Marty and I are going to a Stag n Doe...should be alot of fun. His 2 groomsman in our wedding will be there, and a few old friends of him. We are looking forward to it Glen and Kristen! Congrads to you guys....

Tomorrow my first Bridal Shower. Man I have some serious moxed emotions for this. I am so happy and excited, and most of all honored that my awesome friends are doing this for me. Oh the other I am so nervous...I know I am usually the crazy loud one...but I feel so weird to be the "Getter" this time rather than the "Giver" it's a feeling I can't describe, I'm very emotional about the whole thing. But VERY excited!

I work until 5pm today, so just finishing up and heading home to a nice steak dinner...mmmm can't wait! Thanks Marty my honey bunny, love you!


Ps. 14 more sleeps and I will be HOME!!!!!!!!!!

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