Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's all over, the weekend that is...

Yes another weekend has come and gone. I've been trying to figure out what to post these days..? Last night Marty and I watched Julie & Julia...and got a bit of inspiration to post more. What a great idea to cook her way through Julia Childs cookbook and then to blog about it. Very fun...I don't think I'm that ambitious though, and besides god that would be so expensive to do. All those ingredients, not anything I will be doing anytime soon!
Something new is coming my way and I am super excited for the change, sorry, I can't get into details on this post, but I will on my next one. It's official, but not out of the bad entirely just yet...stay tuned though.
I'll post some Christmas pics soon. I don't have any great New Years photos though...we just went by Jamie and Karens then came home to eat and watch a movie, "The Air I breath", STUPID...don't waste your time or money! It had a great lineup of actors, but a stupid fucking movie...ah well, live and learn!

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