Monday, January 25, 2010

Ok, not so bad....

I'm getting used to my new look. I really like, Love was a bit annoying last night when I was trying to set it all up, but now that I figured out a few things, I am a happy girl again!

It's Monday, and well you know how much I HATE Mondays. Today was no exception really. My husband was up very early for work, 430am, um...yup that's right 430am. So of course I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour...OMG, do you know how frustrating it is to be awake at 430am when you only have to get up 2 hours later. Anyway I managed to get through the day. I just have a ton of things to do, so it's a bit more yuk for me. This is my last week in Death Claims. Monday I start a new position, Bilingual Client Service Coordinator. I will be on the 4th floor rather than the 7th aka "The Penthouse". I will be on the Admin, Payout team. I'm really looking forward to the change. And meeting some new people too.

Thanks to my Husband for all your support and love! I love you, and so happy that we met! xox

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