Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, sorry I didn't post last night. I was too tired to stay online...I did go to the gym to do my cardio though. And I also did a few abs.

I'm still a bit sore today, but it's starting to go away. The squats and lunges at Pump class really did me in.

Mel was over for dinner tonight! It was really nice to see her. We don't see enough of each other often. Our schedules are so opposite, and with her going to school now. So it was a nice visit! XOX

I'm so tired, and fighting to stay up. Right now there is 7 minutes left to CSI then Greys is on...then I'm headed to bed. If it wasn't for Greys I'd be in bed already.

Tomorrow I will be hitting the gym after work...since I skipped tonight, well worth the skip though.

Can't wait for Tuesdays Pump class. 1 More week in death claims, then down to 4 I go! Very excited...and then 91 More days until....JAMAICA!!

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