Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I can sure feel the burn

Today, Wednesday. Yesterday, Tuesday...did my pump class...and yes that's right I can sure feel the burn. My upper legs are tight but I love it. Today I was going to do Zumba, but I think I might just stick to my original plan and hit the gym after work. I want to get some good cardio in and an ab workout.

Hump a good day. You just know the weekend is right around the corner. Last night we went to Zellers in Masonville to take a peak...we still had some money left from the gift card Mom and Roger gave us for Christmas...Marty really wants to get the Wii Active...unfortunately they didn't have it. So we settled on the Wii Resort Sports. Looks like alot of fun. He's been dying for a new game, poor guy has been bowling and boxing since Boxing Day! lol So I', sure this new game will keep him busy, and me as well. I'm sure we'll crack it open tonight, since there aren't any shows we watch on Wednesday, besides HGTV.

I'm at work, so I will cut it short. I'll repost tonight after my workout to let you know how I did.


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