Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm back....Sooo Sorry!

I'm so sorry that I have been neglecting my precious blog.  Life have been so busy, with the new job and coming home and getting stuff done, spending lots of time with my wonderful husband...and getting seriously sucked into the MAGNIFICENT Twilight Series! Oh my soul...I can't even tell you how wonderful the book is.  I know I know, it's so last year...and I am a little late, but, better late than never.  I think last year when it was so in, I wasn't really too interested...I had alot going on, such as preparing and constant thoughts of, a WEDDING! lol  But now that part of my life has passed, I have my thoughts back...and I'm sooo happy that I do, because I can't put this special book down.  

Today is "Love" Day, aka Valentine's Day! So far it's been great.  My husband and I agreed not to buy any gifts or chocolate this year.  Which was fine with me...we had lunch at home, and we're making a very special dinner together, Julia Childs Beef Bourgignon.   So far the steps have been pretty easy.  And I love that it calls for 3 whole cups of RED WINE! lol Mmmm...not to mention I am having a glass right sec, time for a sip....Oh la la, I love the way it makes my tongue tense.  Wine of choice today, A Pelee Island Shiraz.  My first purchase, it it is certainly doing the job!  

I am feeling good these days, and my training is going very well.  On my outside work life, I am happy...a little, uninspired.  I'm not really sure what I need.  I get this way every once in a while...I guess I always manage to get through it, but this time I feel like I need to try something different...not sure what, any suggestions?

Next weekend will be a nice change in pace for me, I am taking a road trip to Burlington to visit my very dear sweet friend January and her 2 very special little boys.  Adrian, 2, and Finley just a wee little one.  A few months old.  We're going to hang out and play and chat and enjoy each others company.  Her husband John is away on business, and I volunteered to come and assist her with her 2 little guys.  I am really looking forward to it.  I really hope the weather holds, I would hate to postpone due to weather, that would really, Suck! So fingers crossed, it will be a nice clear late afternoon Friday for my drive!

Then, the next weekend after that...SAM is coming!!  Yay! I can't wait to see her's been since the wedding.  We're going to have a wonderful weekend!  Dinner, drinks, and girls night out!  Dancing...Oh I just can't wait!  I love my girls...what would I do without you! XOX

Well I guess that's all I really have to post for now...I should go check on my Beef Bourgignon, see how it's doing.  I am looking forward to sitting later on this evening with a full tummy and a special book!  The book that takes me away from my life, I guess, it might very well be the inspiration I was looking for and I didn't even know it.  I wonder if I can get creative enough to write a best seller as Stephanie Meyer has I doubt it!  

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