Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally watched it!

Saturday night got together with the girls, and we watched Twilight!

My opinion:  It was certainly a good movie, and they didn't gear away too much from the book, which is what I liked.  It was certainly nice to see faces, and matched the characters from the movie, with characters from the book.  Now I know what to picture in my head while reading.  Robert Pattinson aka Edward played a good part, I thought he was so mean at the beginning...even though in the book he's mean, it just seemed so harsh in person I guess.  But overall I like him.  Now Kristen Steward aka Bella Swan on the other hand, wasn't a great actress at all.  Now I hope they are right by saying first movie was disappointing and that the rest are much better.  There were a few cheesy parts, like when they run through the forest...and when then fly from tree to tree.  But I'll say overall, it wasn't bad.  So my hopes are up yet again, for New Moon.  We are going to wait for Shelley to get back from Mexico to have another movie night!  Can't wait!  I hope I can hold out for another 2 weeks...the DVD comes out this week!

If you haven't seen the movie, here is the trailer:

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