Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've got a Fever...

A fever of the Twilight Book series by Stephanie Meyer.  Oh my soul...I know I'm a bit late.  But I was too busy planning my wedding and other things to get into it last year.  But now that I am in, I'm hooked!  Currently reading Book #3 of the series, Eclipse.  Next Breaking Dawn.  These books are incredibly addictive in a WONDEFUL way...I love the way it makes me feel, where the story takes me.  Oh how I dread the end, I am halfway through Eclipse, and will be taking my time for the remainder. 

Saturday night, myself and Shelley, Jodi, Erin and Christy will watch Twilight the Movie!  I haven't seen it yet, nor has Jodi or Erin, I believe Shelley and Christy both have watched it, but they are just as in love as I, and can't wait to see it for the 2nd time! 

I'm so sorry it has taken me yet, again, forever to post.  Life catches up to you that's for sure.  I am still loving my position.  Right now it's not as busy as it normally would be, but we're managing to keep steady with other things.  Once the contract staff dispurse to other position, our workload will pick up and it will be fill force. 

Only 43 more sleeps until we're in SUNNY Jamaica!!  Funny cousin Julie calls me a few weeks ago and just bursting with excitement that her Fiance Nic booked a trip for 2 for her March Break (She's a teacher) t0 Jamaica!  At the time she didn't know the details, but knew it was booked and that they were going!  So turns out, I spoke to her this past weekend, and they were at the same resort we're going to in April for Sam and Marks wedding! Isn't that she's sending me all of her pictures on disk and we get to have a sneak peak, sweet...and for the record she said it was a BEAUTIFUL resort, they loved every minute of it...and the people were so great and the food was AWESOME!  So that really eases us!  And not to mention makes us even more excited to go!  So fun!

Well I think that's all I have right now, so I hope your forgive me for taking so long to post.  I will try my best to not let it go this long again!


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