Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Belated Easter!

It's Easter Monday today, and I am at work...yuk yuk yuk!  I wish we had Monday off with the Friday.  Ah well, can't complain too much, I did have Friday off, and the weekend was just gorgeous!  Friday we slept in, relaxed, tidyed up!  Rent a few movies for that night, The Vampires Assistant, which wasn't too bad, geared more towards teens/young adults I would say, and Up in the Air, which wasn't bad either.  Not what I expected, but George Clooney did put on a good performance.
Saturday we did groceries, our running around, and if you can believe it, I had a nap...YES an hour and a half nap, god it was nice!!  Then that evening we went to the Blackshire for a beer for Jodis Birthday.  Good times!  Easter Sunday, made a few calls, prepared things for Easter supper with the Mabees and Armstrongs.  Very yummy dinner!  Thanks guys for having us over!
Today should be a good day!  Looks like a nice sunny one again...I should get to work, just wanted to post quickly! 

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