Friday, April 02, 2010

I hate these longs breaks.....

I really wanted to keep up on my blog...the past few weeks have been so insane.  We were house/dog sitting for our friends Shelley and Trevor while they vacationed in Mexico! Now we're's nice to get back to our routine I guess, even though the change in scenery was nice, and the extra space was extravagant as well as the on site laundry, what a treat!
Ok so I haven't been able to get out there and really test out my new camera yet.  I've been taking a few shots here and there around, but haven't really gotten into it.  I did try and load some photos, but for some reason my PC isn't reading the memory card.  So must take the time to watch my training video, and read my manual, so please be patient for photos.  I have no clue if anyone actually reads my blog, but you are out there reading about my boring life, I will post pics soon!
It was such a beautiful day today, 23 degrees!  I hope it stays! 20 more sleeps until Jamaica and I still haven't found a dress for the I think I'll have to make a trip over the boarder next pay...I hope I find exactly what I'm looking for...not sure that is, but when I see it I'll know!
Ok, well I just wanted to post something....OH...I just had my 5 year anniversary with the company, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers!! Very nice...
Be back later!

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