Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost there....

Wednesday it is...and I am tired this morning!  Had my 2nd Everyday Style party last night, and it went really well!  I am so happy!  Tonight, I have nothing going one, thank god!  I'm just pooped, and need the night off with nothing to do.  Tomorrow I have another party, for my friend Pam, in St. Thomas, should be a good night as well.  Can't wait!
I wanted to write today, just for a quick little update.  We're still at the Armstrongs place.  Really enjoying that, and so is Oliver.  I think Flash is enjoying our visit as well.  I think tonight I will sweep and tidy up.  I need to wash a blacket as well so I'll do that too.  I am tidying a little everyday so that I don't have a huge clena up before Shelley and Trevor come home.  I want to make sure they have nothing to do, except their laundry from their Trip.  Nothing better than coming home to a nice clean house, clean bedding and just relaxing! So that's my goal!
Ok, I should get to work!
OH! One more thing, on Breaking Dawn, and OMG  freaking out...!!!

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