Friday, June 18, 2010

TGIF TGIF cliché

How about OBIF, Oh Baby it's Friday, or FFIH Finally Friday is here, or BMABFIH Bring me a beer Friday is here! hahahaha Nah, I think we should just stick to the good ole TGIF! 

My wonderful hubby is off today, so he will do laundry...which is sooo nice!  And tonight, I will do some cleaning...tomorrow is an exciting day/night...and long overdue...the Hilton Girls are together again, for one night of fun and craziness, and lots of laughs...I can't wait!  I love these girls...we're a good match, all of us!

Our itinerary for the evening will go something like this:  Meet at hotel, then dinner...back to the hotel for a possible Hot tub dip and a few it up, get caught up...then head out to a night on the L-Town...Should be a lot of fun!  Stay tuned for PG pics...if they're are any PG! hahaha

Then Sunday is Fathers Day...gonna call me dad...wish him a nice day and we're going for Brunch with my father-in-law and Sister in law, and that gang...The Wayside.  Not a bad place...should be a nice time.

So far that's my weekend...Looking forward to a fun filled time...Then I'm home in 28 MORE SLEEPS!! Whoohoo!


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