Monday, June 14, 2010

Ugh Mondays!

Have I ever told you I really hate Mondays...I don't know why exactly, because the never usually is horrible or anything, it's just the thought of having to go back to work after a busy non relaxing weekend... :(
I really need to do that, have a completely relaxing weekend, no interruptions. I will have to plan one...someday! But not this weekend...This weekend coming is my Hilton Girls Night Out and I am really looking forward to it! The old Hilton gang, well 7 of us, get together every couple of months, have dinner go out dancing and really let loose! And this weekend is no exception...well for most of us anyway, with exception of LeeAnn, she's pregnant for this visit...But that's ok, she'll have a blast regardless!
I need to start posting earlier in the evening...I get so tired, and can't seem to think of things to say, or type.

I went to see Erin and Angel tonight...they leave tomorrow for NB.  God Angel is growing, and getting smarter and smarter by the day...she's adorable...she can't say Tanya, so she calls me YaYa...I love it! I just love that kid...Marty and are gonna have her over for a sleep over some night...I'm just afraid she won't want to sleep...and then cry all night to go home...we'll have to play it by ear!

Ok so I managed to get a few paragraphs in...!

Nighty Night!

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Sasha said...

I understand what you mean, i completely dislike mondays too!