Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Weekend that is...gawd, I wonder why it goes by so it because we are so fast, maybe we need to slow down some...not do do much on the weekends, but on the other hand it's the only time we can, during the week we're too tired, and just want to do to bed early! No fair...
I've had heart burn for 4 days now...not fun, pretty yuk actually!

How do you like the new template?  I like's makes be feel like I'm lying in a field in the summer...makes me feel like take pictures!
I went to price out the new lense I want...and I will get it soon...couple more pay checks and she's mine!
My husband is so great, and patient with me...and his patience are pretty slim for the rest of the world, except for me...we want a house, well I do...I know he does too, but he still lets me buy things that make me happy...It's not really that fair eh, that I get to buy things, and he doesn't, I love him for that....I love him for more than that really, he cooks, and cleans, and does dishes...what more could a girl ask for? 

I love you honey! xox

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