Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humpitiy Humpity Hump day...

Ahhhh Wed-nes-day!!  And not just any old Wednesday...Happy Birthday Sam Wednesday!!  One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is 31 today!  Damned are officially in your 30's! 

And, on another note, Marty and I had Angel Leigh over for a sleep over this past was alot of fun!  And she was so good.  We can't wait to have her over again.  We played outside, went for walks, went to the park and watched Treehouse...HAHA! And also read books...She's so well behaved, we just can't get enough of her.  She made us laugh over and over! 

Not a whole lot going on these days.  We're just going through the motions like the rest of the fun thing, I am currently reading Eat Pray Love for my bookclub read.  Well it was last months read and I still haven't finished it.  Not far to go though, and so far I like it.  It's an uplifting read.  If you have been contiplating, do it, it's worth the read.  Jodi and I plan on watching the movie as well featuring Julia Roberts.  Looking forward to it!  :)


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